XIVRO Launch


I'm excited to announce that we are ready to soft launch XIVRO!

Due to an excessively long wait and lack of updates, we weren't able to work with Matias. Hence, we're launching without the server merge we were hoping for. We'll still continue to wait for updates, but for the meantime we'll start building the server!

To temper expectations, I'll layout the current, most significant features of the server as well as our plans moving forward.

Currently, the custom gearing system will extensively revolve around quest shops. We have decided to forgo BTS questing DarkRO uses and have the gear be directly purchasable through quest shops. This method allows repurchase of end-game equipment, removing the need for alternate accounts. We have also lowered the difficulty of obtaining the Valkyrie set for the purpose of being the base PvP set.

We have also implemented "icarus" weapons that gives the "Enchant Deadly Weapon" and "Mind Breaker" effects for physical and magical weapons respectively. I know this may become a point of controversy in the future, but ultimately we decided that this system is essential for balancing gameplay. Of course, we'll keep a close eye on this system as we gather more data through the community.

Overworld MVPs have their HP, damage, and stats significantly buffed to provide a challenge and encourage competition among MVP hunters while MVP room monsters are completely unaffected by this change. In order to encourage overworld MVP hunting, their card drop rate is increased to 30% while MVP room monsters are retained at 10%. Additionally, overworld MVPs will drop conquerer boxes at 25%. Conqueror box contains a castle drop of your choosing as well as a set amount of zeny.

WoE has also seen some significant changes. Because we're expecting a small population, we reduced the maximum number of members in a guild to 22. This is to encourage competition and prevent hording and abuse of certain rewards. WoE schedule has also been set to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, accommodating SEA and NA time zones on 2 WoE days each. To promote more convenient gearing, we have also added WoE rewards where members of guilds who are occupying a castle by the end of WoE will receive conqueror boxes. Additionally, we have also placed an NPC that provides consumable supplies as well as rentable WoE-gear, for the duration of WoE, that mimics the "standard" gear including a Ghostring armour and anti-magic shield.

We believe these current changes are sufficient enough to serve as the initial stepping stones to build the server into something better. Of course, we already have plans of improving and further adding significant content such as, but not limited to:

Instanced end-game fights. If you have participated during the beta, you may have noticed, or even tried to, do an instanced fight called "Morroc's Awakening". It is one of the end-game PvE content that we are intending to incorporate to the server. These custom fights will serve as the core PvE gearing system (or some PvP) including armour, weapon, and cards.

Custom PvE sets. As mentioned previously, we are also planning to add PvE sets to tackle overworld MVP hunting and instanced fights. There aren't any specifics yet, but it is something that we are going to tackle in the future.

Website. While the current website is fully functional, we also have plans to improve its aesthetics to parallel the efforts that we are putting into in-game content.

Gepard Shield. While this should have been priority one, the funds weren't there to afford the initial cost. However, we'll be working hard on gathering funds to provide this necessity for the server as soon as possible.

Improved server hosting and location. Currently, the server is located in the Canadian east cost. We acknowledge that many of our future player-base will be located all over the world, including the Philippines, South America, and Europe. We'll work on improving the server such that it accommodate all areas to the best of our abilities.

I would like to personally thank you all for sticking around this far. I recognize that this has been a really long wait, and I hope that we'll be able to live up to expectations as well as to continually improve the server.



Beta period is now over



Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologize for my inactivity in the past few weeks. I've been dealing with a lot of irl stuff recently which sunk motivation. However, I am back now and we'll be moving forward with the process.


I would like to thank everyone that participated in the open beta testing. Your feedback was invaluable and have made a significant impact on the server. The open beta testing period has now ended and I have closed the server for final adjustments in preparation for the launch. It will take approximately 3 weeks until everything is ready, hopefully sooner if all goes well. I'll do my best to provide updates on a weekly basis at latest.


Thank you all for sticking with us this far!




Beta period is now available!

Greetings everyone!


First of all, thank you so much for sticking around all this way! We'll be opening the server for beta testing on Sunday at 9:00 AM EST (Sunday 9:00 PM PH Time). Since this is only a beta test, there are certain expectation we're laying out to keep things grounded:

  • Beta testing will run for a month (October 30, 9:00PM EST), and the official server launch will be soon after.
  • In-game data will NOT be saved when the beta period ends. However, beta participants will be given a special token of appreciation when the server formally launches.
  • Please report bugs! Since we tested changes with very few people, there will inevitably be bugs roaming around. As an incentive, we'll also be launching the bug catcher initiative. Players who have reported (and confirmed) a bug will be given rewards on the formal server launch.
  • There will be limited policing of player conduct. As a new policy we're adopting, and because of the nature of pvp, we will be allowing "competitive language" in the game WITH THE EXCEPTION of excessive racial and gender discrimination (subjective to change).
  • Content and skill modifications will continually be added based on player feedback and build patterns. Feedback and suggestions are highly valued! Note that we will prioritize balancing builds to the best of our abilities before deeming a nerf necessary.
  • During the beta period, materials required to craft gears is significantly lowered to allow easier access. Requirements will be adjusted to normal when the server launches.
  • Most common items will be available through merchant NPCs as well as miscellaneous headgears. This includes essentials such as Yggdrasilberries, Boxes of Thunder, Poison Bottle, and Glistening Coats. These NPCs will be disabled after the beta ends.
  • Note that the headgears are supplied by a custom imported script. Some of them may not have working sprites, so we advise you to not use it. You will be responsible for your own fixes since those items will not be in the official launch.
  • Donations are temporarily disabled during the beta period. We want to ensure the quality of the server before enabling it.


Please join our discord community for more announcements an activities at https://discord.gg/QmN38ss !